What is Stamping?

Stamping process is to transform flat metal sheets into shapes via tooling die which mainly consists of a top part and bottom part. Once the tooling die been built, insert a raw flat sheet of metal into the mold then activate a mechanical press to creat a component. Large amount of objects can be manufactured by using the same mold to save time and cost.



Blanking, bending, deep drawing and embossing are usually performed in stamping process. A blanking die is usually the lead one in series of dies which is to make a blank for further production. A bending die is to bend or deform the metal sheet along a straight line. A deep drawing die is usually consisted of several stages of dies which gradually stretched the metal sheet thinner into desired shape and thickness. An embossing die is to engrave patterns or designs on the metal sheet.





Stamping / Pressing Machining Capability

General Tolerance: ±0.05 mm


Material Stamping Thickness Range
Brass, Bronze, Copper 0.03 - 10 mm
Stainless Steel 0.03 - 7 mm
Carbon Steel 0.03 - 7 mm
Aluminum Alloy 0.03 - 10 mm
Titanium 0.03 - 5 mm
Plastics 0.03 - 5 mm



Stamping / Pressing Equipment


 Stamping Machines SPEC
SHIN TAI Pneumatic Press (Dual Spindle) 110T 
SEYI Pneumatic Press 110T
SEYI Pneumatic Press 80T
SEYI Pneumatic Press 60T x 2 
SEYI Pneumatic Press 35T x 4
SEYI Pneumatic Press 25T  
SEYI High Speed Press 20T x 2
TAIWAN Brand Mechanical Press 70T
TAIWAN Brand Mechanical Press 35T
TAIWAN Brand Mechanical Press 25T x 2
TAIWAN Brand Mechanical Press 15T x 4
TAIWAN Brand Mechanical Press 9T x 2
TAIWAN Brand Mechanical Press 8T x 6
TAIWAN Brand Mechanical Press 5T x 4
TAIWAN Brand Mechanical Press 3T x 3
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