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Why We Offer CNC Machining

CNC (Computer Numeric Controls) machining revolutionized the metal and plastic shaping industry. APPORO Industries Corporation offers CNC metal and plastic machining service for a large variety of applications.


In the past, traditional metal and plastic forming process is involved building dies or toolings which needed to be designed and tooled. Some of these dies or toolings are used to stamp the metal into various profiles, the others are for metal die casting or plastic injection molding. With the introduction of CNC Turning Milling machining machines, the creation of the dies and retooling assembly can be one of the choice for precision machining method. CNC involves programming the design code into the machines which can create several different parts from the same blank sheet or rod of metal and plastic with exacting precision and tiny tolerance.


Brief History of CNC Machining

The first NC machines were built during the 1940s and 1950s, based on existing lathe machines that were modified with motors that moved the controls to follow points fed into the system on punched tape.


CNC machines that actually began to use in metal and plastic machining service supplier in a few decades ago. CNC milling and CNC lathe machines are now the most versatile and the most valued machines in modern precision machining industry.


Benefits of using CNC Machining Service

There are a number of various benefits from using CNC milling and turning machining service:




Instant production


In many cases, CNC precision parts machining service can be quickly supplied almost instantly to meet fastest prototyping or FAI requirement.




Costs saving


Due to quick CNC precision manufacturing production, the need for stock inventory can be eliminated on special purpose. So, basic costs shall be reduced significantly. Generally, no mold or jig charge required.






Automatic CNC parts production keep our operators from harm's way allowing for a much safer work environment.






Because the CNC cutting tools are controlled by a computer, our CNC lathe and milling machines can easily reach within 0.002 mm tolerance as long as the conditions of the spinning material on the CNC machines are set to optimize the cutting process.


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