Stamping Parts Production Lines


As a one stop for all machining services supplier, we had imported high speed press, mechanical press and pneumatic press ranged from 3T to 110T, including one dual spindle 110 tonage pneumatic stamping machine, to offer our clients a variety of stamping production services such as deep drawing, blanking, bending and etc. 


Furthermore, NCT automatic punching machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine extended our stamping production lines capability.



What is a Stamping Part?


A stamping part machined by stamping mold is used to form the metal into shape by blanking, piercing, drawing, bending, embossing. Both single stage stamping mold or progressive stamping mold can produce the required metal form via every stroke of the press.


Single stage stamping mold featured with simple structure and lower cost is designed and built for single stamping operation in general.


Progressive stamping mold is featured with set of dies for various stamping operations in a row where a metal strip went through one stage per punch. However, a progressive stamping mold is more expensive than single stage one, usually recommend for high throughput product or complex workpiece. Contact our team for project review, our engineer will check and advice in detail.




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