Surface Roughness Table

Surface roughness Ra is a measurement of the deviation of a surface from a mean height. The lower Ra measurement, the higher grade surface quality. At the same time, the more machining process will be required. Generally speaking, a workpiece completed by CNC lathe or milling could reach a surface roughness between Ra 0.8-3.2.


Based on the capability of our CNC machining service, we are capable of manufacturing aluminum alloy parts with suface roughness between Ra 0.1-0.2 where is required on an ABS system for optimized piston movement. Normally, we supply the machined parts within Ra0.8-3.2. For your reference, the higher grade surface roughness, the more expensive production cost. 



N Code
0.025 1 1 ▽▽▽▽
0.05 2 2
0.1 4 3
0.2 8 4
0.4 16 5 ▽▽▽
0.8 32 6
1.6 63 7
3.2 125 8 ▽▽
6.3 250 9
12.5 500 10
25 1000 11
50 2000 12 S

* micro-meters(um) = 0.001mm

** micro-inches(u") = 0.0254um

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