Must Know: Quote Details

For fastest quotation, please send us the required information for your RFQ project as much as you can. You can refer to Part Spec's for Quote for detailed understanding.



Basically, the quote is usually including below informations:


Part No. As per customer's drawing.
Mold Charge Usually quote in USD.
Part Price Usually quote in USD/pc. for various batch quantity.
Material Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Brass, Copper, Carbon Steel, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Titanium
Surface Finish Sandblasting, Coating, Plating, Anodizing, Plain. See Post Processing.
Lead Time Depends on each items.
Terms of Price Usually Ex Works Taiwan. Ask us if other Terms of Price required.
Remarks Other important informations not shown in above.





Different Types of Quote


1.) Quote for CNC Machining Part


CNC Machining Service 501205 Rev. C

@US$7.15/pc., qty   50 pcs.

           5.00/pc., qty 100 pcs.

           4.30/pc., qty 200 pcs.

Material: Stainless Steel 303

Finish: Plain



2.) Quote for Plastic Injection Project


Plastic Injection Project 00165

Plastic Injection Mold Charge: US$28,200.00; 2-cavities

Part Unit Price: @US$8.48/pc., qty 1,000 pcs

Material: Nan-Ya 6210GC(PA66+30%GF)

Lead Time for Building Mold and T1 Sample: 7-8 weeks.

                        Mass Production: 2-3 weeks.

Remarks: Mold size 200x200x240mm

                 Mold insert in P20



3.) Quote for Stamping Project


Stamping Project 

Stamping Mold Charge: US$24,500.00; Progressive Mold

Part Unit Price: @US$5.17/pc., qty   50,000 pcs

                                    4.80/pc., qty 100,000 pcs

Material: Brass C2680

Finish: Nickel Plating

Lead Time for Building Mold and T1 Sample: 6-7 weeks.

                        Mass Production: 4 weeks.



4.) Quote for Die Casting Project


Aluminum Die Casting End Cap

Die Casting Injection Mold Charge: US$4,480.00; 1-cavity

Part Unit Price: @US$1.95/pc., qty 2,000 pcs

                                    1.60/pc., qty 5,000 pcs

Material: Aluminum Die Casting ADC12

Surface Finish: Wet Coating, color RAL9006

Lead Time for Building Mold and T1 Sample: 6-7 weeks.

                        Mass Production: 3-4 weeks.


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