Progressive Stamping Die Project2017-01-16

APPORO is well experienced in precision stamping mold production.  We regard ourselves as a professional manufacturer in fields of deep drawn, progressive stamping, and bending. Recently, a self-service machine industry customer contacted APPORO for these stainless steel micro switch actuators. Meanwhile, they were also looking for an alternative source. This customer’s product encompasses arcade game components, automated payment and cash handling products, gaming machine parts, industrial control devices for on and off-road vehicles, interactive game and kiosk platforms.  


If these micro switch actuators are manufactured with NCT machining, laser cutting or bending, the machining cost would be very high. Therefore, the customer inquired if we can provide a less expensive stamping process to manufacture the actuators of the same quality. Finally, we figured out that making a slight change to the material specification would allow the use of progressive stamping. 



What is Progressive Stamping?


Progressive stamping is a diversified metal work method including blanking, coining, extruding, forming, bending and lots other methods of modifying raw metal sheet. An automatic feeding system inputs a strip of metal coil through all of the stations of a progressive stamping mold. The final stage of progressive stamping tooling is always a cutoff operation, It is very important that the metal strip accurately moves between stations. The first die is to pierce round holes in the metal strip which are for transferring the components from one station to the next.



A rotary unit of flat actuator made by progressive stamping mold

 A rotary unit of flat actuator made by progressive stamping mold 



Back to the project mentioned in the top of this article. We produced prototypes that were within the dimensions spec according to customer's drawing. The two ear holes are especially critical to the functionality of rotating. As a result, the distance from the holes center to the top surface will be the most crucial  dimension. Thanks to our WEDM (Wire Electrical Discharge Machining) partner's support, the piercing die can precisely cut the hole with less than error 0.05 mm position. Testing revealed that operation performance surpassed the expectations. As a result, we can supply the customer with superior quality parts at a competitive price.  


Utilizing our SEYI 35 ton single crank press, we manufactured these 0.017" thickness by 0.166" high by 0.827" length stamping within error ±0.005". After deburring, we sent the parts to passivate for increasing corrosion and wear resistance. Finally, our production met all specifications under rigorous quality control. In the future, the annual quantity of this part is estimated up to 50,000 pieces. 


For more information about this project, or how our progressive stamping services can economically supply you with precision stainless steel parts, contact us today.

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