Inspection Equipment


Inspection equipment in APPORO QC room.



We can say that part quality is everything for a CNC machining manufacturer. 


Sheffield Cordax Discovery D-8 DCC CMM

Coordinate measuring machine(CMM):

1.) Powerful automatic measuring system for 100% inspection.

2.) Spec's X axis 20", Y axis 24", Z axis 16".

3.) Equipped with measuremax 6.5 software.

4.) Top grade renishaw PH6 auto indexing probe head.


Sheffield Cordax CMM inspection services machine.


Brown & Sharpe Hexagon Metrology CMM

A power device with touch probe which takes readings in six degrees of freedom for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of customized machined parts, even with extremely complex profile.


Brown & Sharpe Cordax CMM inspection services machine in APPORO Ind. Corp.


Vision Measuring Machine

1.) High resolution: 0.0005 mm (0.5 micrometer)

2.) Automatic-Focusing.

3.) Semi-Automatic Measuring


2.5D Vision Measuring Machine for real-time inspection.


Baty R14 Profile Projector

The Baty R14 bench mount profile projector with its 340mm screen combines:

1.) Highly accuracy non-contact measurement.

2.) Inspection with a large 175mm x 100mm measuring range.


Part profile projector support fastest dimensions checking.


Other Inspecting, Measuring and Testing Equipment

Coordinate measuring system (Manual) 
Coordinate measuring system (Automatic) 
Profile Projector
Hardness Testing Instrument
Surface Roughness Instrument
Pin Gauge
Thread Gauge
Height Gauge


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