Make Your Own CAD Drawing

Computer-aided design(*Ref. 1), so called CAD, is widely used in most industries to improve the efficiency and quality of design. Furthermore, CAD drawing output in the electronic file is highly conducive to communicate with designer and manufacturer. Also, it creates a great platform carrying complete information for CNC machining service manufacturer. Generally, we prefer reading, modifying and creating 2D and 3D CAD drawing files by using CAD software.

The way to create your own CAD drawing.
Create Your Own CAD Drawing


The Way to Create CAD Drawing

Recently, CAD software do helpful for rapid and easy engineering modeling in various industries. For example, automotive, aerospace industries, reverse engineering(*Ref. 2), PCB design, animation design, industrial and architectural design. In summary, below procedures show how we use CAD software to create 2D and 3D CAD drawing:

1.) to start from creating 3D CAD object

  • create 2D elevation drafting
  • form and modify 3D object by extrusion, revolve, sweep, emboss functions

2.) to create 2D print from 3D CAD

  • start a new .dwg drawing file
  • place various but less view sides of 3D model
  • mark dimensions detailed but simplified
  • mark important notices

How to Get CAD Software?

Currently, CAD program is a necessary powerful tool to use in CNC machining service project. A CAD software with good design should be capable of creating both 2D drawing and 3D modeling. Generally, it is usually hard to choose the best modeling software for different market sector. It is because various aspects and the wide range of features are available in these CAD tools. The essential elements of good CAD software are as below:

  • 2D Drawing Tools
  • 3D Modeling Tools
  • Textures
  • Transparency Options
  • Lighting Effects
  • Hatching
  • Photo-realistic Rendering


At present, it is easy to get lots of free CAD software for personal or professional modeling purpose. Should you have any questions about CAD software application, do not hesitate to send us email.


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*Ref. 2 Reverse Engineering: From Real Component to Print