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4 Things That Will Impact Your Manufacturing Costs (Part 2)2017-12-07

A few days ago, we talked about various factors which may affect your manufacturing costs in previous article. In short, material costs are directly relative to part quality and durability. And, surface treatment costs have significantly increased recently due to strictly environmental policy. Apart from the above two factors, there are still others which can affect your manufacturing costs:


3.) Manufacturing Process


Generally speaking, the slower the machining process is, the more precise the machining can be. For example, WEDM(Wire Electrical Discharge Machining) is one of the slowest metal machining process in the world. A series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes cut the profile of bulk material. WEDM is mostly used for stamping die cutting and prototyping which require accuracy and high quality.  


Furthermore, the complexity of design plays an important role in manufacturing cost as well. Part with high complexity usually requires cutting-edge machining facility and will increase the cost to your project. Though, the advanced equipments can provide a great machining experience.



4.) Lead Time of Your Project


Lead time can also impact the cost depending on the project. If you need a time effective production run, the manufacturing cost will be higher than it of a regular production. You might wonder what the factors that have impacts on a short lead time project are. Generally speaking, there are usually various necessary procedures prior to part manufacturing, such as preparation of customized jig and tooling. For urgent projects, we will need to rearrange our engineers and machinery equipment to complete the production within required time limit. As a result, extra costs will be added to it. Projects with longer or regular turnaround times can usually cut down to the manufacturing costs  and get lower quotes. 


Customized Jigs and Tooling used in quickly manufacturing processes

  Customized Jigs and Tooling  


Get A Quote For Your Next Project


Based on various factors above, a CNC machining service manufacturer will evaluate your project and offer a wide range of manufacturing processes to comply with your requirements. Pls get your 2D and 3D CAD drawing files ready and send them to us to get a free quote.


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